Cartoony rma lowpoly style

so this is a finshid experment that i was working on for 3 days now
i wanted to achive a cartoony style and make things looks intresting
and this is what i came up with !!!

rma is a girl who woke up to find her self lost in a time demention that takes her back and forth throw limitid time areas .

she must descover what is going on and how to leave .

this was the original idea of me aiming for this style , not sure if ill work it one day or not !!!

everything was made on blender internel .
not textures were used ,only vertex colors

more on :


Good work my man, keep up the good work!!!

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thanks man !!! :slight_smile:

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her is another character that i achived
agent bushar

i used the same method on this one


Awesome Work again…

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thank you so much !!!

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only the professional does not close his eyes during the shot, a

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yeah !!! :slight_smile: