*Carve* like other 3D packages, how?

Hi guys, please have a look at the picture, the carving / sliced in part of the mesh, and it goes all the way around, symmetrical. Someone made it with another 3D program.

  • I cannot get my head around how to do that (fairly fast and with a creative flow) in blender?!?

I’d consider myself fairly trained with Blender, and I love it 100% - but that form of operation… what trick am I missing? :slight_smile: Thanks!!

Select, extrude (E), cancel move (RMB/ESC), shrink/fatten (Alt+S) with even thickness on (S/Alt).

I wonder if this could be used http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vsGxmhYZo8

And if you choose that above video link method, use Solidify-modifier with Fill Rim and Only Rim options so you dont need that tedious material system to delete backfaces.

Use the inset tool (I) and press CTRL while dragging the mouse to create these kind of inset detail…

Thank you so very, very much guys :slight_smile: