First, excuse me for my english :wink:

I present to you “Carver”.

If you have an active bevel on the object to be cut, it will update automatically as well as objects that will be created.

To begin, select one or more objects, depending on the number of objects, the addon will fit.

  • One object, you can cut (basic operation) and use the default patterns

  • Multiple objects, you can also cut, use patterns, and the last selected object serves as “brush” If you enter in the “Brush Object” mode
    —> It works on all selected objects , so you can cut two objects or apply a “brush” to all objects at the same time

  • The addon is more accurate on orthographic view for basic Boolean operations.
    For others operations you can use the view if you wish.

[CTRL][SHIFT][X] to call the addon
[Right click] to exit
[CTRL][Z] to Undo (There no limits so be careful to doesn’t overload ;))

I made you a summary of the commands. [H] to have the help when the screen is large enough to display.
When you run the addon at start:

Basic Boolean operations

  • [SHIFT] maintained, allows to make a rebool

  • [SPACE] to change tool

  • [ALT] allows you to move the cutting

  • [D] to use the position of the cursor as depth. You can move the cursor with [CTRL] + [LMB]

  • the “RECTANGLE” tool, you click, you move and click again to validate the operation

  • the “LINE” tool to polygonal cuts. You click to the desired location and you validate with [SPACE].
    —>It also allows you to bisect one or more objects. You click to the first point, you move to the desired location and press [SPACE] to validate the cutting.

    —> [CTRL] allows to move you incrementally [/color]

  • the “CIRCLE” tool, you click, you move to change the radius (vertical axis) or rotation (horizontal axis)
    —> [W][X] allows you to change the circle subdivisions

- [C] to switch to Create Mode
—> [SPACE] to choose the tool type
—> Reacts in the same way as above for commands
—> Once validated, the addon stops and selects the object created

“- Mode"Profil”, flat objects’ are present by default. You can add your own with the “” file that I will explain after.
—> [B] to enter when you’re in basic Boolean operations
—> If you move your mouse over the object, you will see an overview of the pattern that you use + a preview at the bottom right

—> [SPACE] to make a difference
—> [SHIFT] [SPACE] for the rebool
—> [ALT] [SPACE] to create the object
—> [S] Scale
—> [LMB] and move the mouse to rotate
—> [CTRL] maintained to rotate with 45°
—> [W] [X] to change the tool type
—> [l] for instances when you duplicate the object (with [ALT] maintained)
—> [D] to change the thickness of the pattern. Then you move your mouse on the horizontal axis.
—> [T] to do a ‘UNION’ Boolean (don’t work with multiple objects)
—> [CTRL] maintained to constraints axis

—> [2xB] “Brush Object” Mode (this is the last selected object), allows you to use the objects you want. It may be objects or patterns. The commands are the same as for the “Profil” mode
—> Objects with a hierarchy are possible also

—> [R] to do rotations randomly during the placement of the object
—> For objects that dig and that install meshes, an example:

the “WIRE” object is the parent of the mesh on the top… and this is the one that you need to select for the addon and it is he who “dig”

For creating your patterns by default, I made a blend “ProfileCreate.blend” file
—> So that the preview did on the addon, need that quads or triangles, but the addon works without.
—> When you create a pattern, make sure that it is shifted upwards in “EDIT” mode, otherwise the Boolean operation will not top.
—> Then you select them all, and you press “Run script”, will create a"Object.txt" file in"c: mp"
—> You open it, copy the line, open “”, and you change line 46 for what you copy. And then you reinstall the addon.

Here, I hope nothing forgot :slight_smile: If you have big bugs, you post me the error or the object that poses problem, I try to fixed it.

Un grand merci Cédric,

Tu as bossé comme un chef, quel pavé!

Pixivore’s name is cédric too ? Yeah !

Do whe need extra addons activated to use this script ?

Do whe need extra addons activated to use this script ?

Do whe need extra addons activated to use this script ?

Delete this, please!

Delete this, please

Delete this please.

Delete this, please.

Do whe need extra addons activated to use this script ?

“author”: “Pixivore, Cédric LEPILLER”
On peut croire que tu expliques qui est Pixivore, non?
Cédric c’est pas la peine de faire de l’ironie!

Ha Pixivore est ton ami qui a la frousse de son nom…je le connais, félicite-le de ma part donc!

Kudos to Cédric / Pixivores for this great tool!

Just one thing I see missing is some kind of grid snapping or angle constrain… is it being worked on or could we add to a wish list?

Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

Hoo my name is on the script O_o, don’t know why, I did nothing except repport bugs.

No other addon needed.

Simply awesome,
What a wonderful gift to the community.
Congratulations Pixivore. You are awesome indeed. :slight_smile:
Task to include this addon in Blender 2.78 is here:
Huge Grin :slight_smile:

pitiwazou, lol, help comes in many forms, no doubt you deserve your credit :wink:

Thank You!!! Excellent I’m testing it right now and it’s awesome.

Carver is great for custom fracturing instead of using the cell fracture addon.

Really good work! :slight_smile: love it

Fantastic add-on. Been playing with it here and there as I have time.

One (minor) issue:
The file name lists the version as 1.14e, but the version number inside the add-on (and thus within Blender) still lists 1.0.2.

Pixivore, thank you very much for sharing this excellent tool!
1.14e hotkeys are working well on Linux.

And thanks to pitiwazou for having collaborated with his tests and suggestions.