Casio Exilim


This is probebly the first time I’ve used Blender since october… :o I’m sorry, shame on me.

This post is a bit edited for a new render is introduced so some reply’s may seem odd now…

I’ve made the digital camera Casio Exilim EX-Z60. Here is a new render and some screenshots. I finally got the HDR to work with Indigo. I’m gonna make a render from the backside too. If anyone has idea’s on improving the render, please do tell! The image below was rendered for 9 hours with Indigo 0.6. Lit by the Grace-probe and some mesh-light-emitters.

Here’s the final, 20 hour render.
C&C is still most appreciated!


Oh and C&C is most welcome!

In case I’m gone for the next few months, a very happy new year!

Take care fella’s!


indigo render?

looks very realistic

Awesome job. And no, I won’t move it.

As for the HDRI in Indigo, it does not export directly from Blender, iirc. Look through the indigo forums for editing the xml file to add the hdri lighting. That is the only way to do it.

Great mesh btw too. Really clean and detailed work.


i have this camera and was thinking about modeling it. good job though!

Yup Vitaliy, it was rendered with Indigo. For a bit under 20 hours, the last render. Glad you find it realistic looking, that was my aim.

Thanks for not moving it BgDM, I finished it just now. And I’ve made the HDR to work :), thanks.

It’s quite a nice camera ey Makin Bacon! It’s really fast and looks gorgeous of course :stuck_out_tongue: :D.

I’ve made a short spin video. I used Blender Internal and no ray-tracer.<Click me for the video!

Hey, I like the first render a lot.
Reminds me of those product pictures of “compact disc players” in the 80’s.
I can just picture this with a JM Jarre soundtrack.
4 stars for the first one.
I don’t really like the lighting on the second one.
Happy new year.

Sander that puts Charlex to shame. we do cellphones and cameras in 3d with maya (I work there) but seriously, their shit on a render farm looks worse. could you give a short description of how you did the HDR map with indigo? I am incredibly impressed.

Sure Node Ranger, I could explain it to you… or…I could ask you for a job :D. I’m in serious need of money. :smiley: Well, who isn’t ey, these days. Anyway, you should just put this code in the XML file (in stead of the background tab, that should be gone).


And there where it says XXXX should be your EXR file, the HDR image in EXR format.

Good luck! You can always mail me if you’re having trouble though I’m not a complete expert yet :). [email protected]


verry nice brushed metal texture and overall first render.
the second one I don’t really like. There is a bit too much noise if you ask me, the little green light has for example allmost disapeared.
clean mesh

Excellent job.

Will have to try indigo one day

Very good, very professional.

One problem I tend to have with these kinds of product/design renders is the minimum of ‘personal creative input’, since they’re meant to show an existing product as it is (the reason I don’t really like all those car renders that aren’t personal concepts). Nontheless, technical wise very good.

4 **** (despite the long rendertime even the little grain is a big No-No for these kind of product renders)

Well, Phil from the Indigo forum offered me to render a big one, hopefully than without grain for I think it’s a tiny no-no too. Perhaps than I can get even 5 stars from big old Sago. That’d be nice :). It’s not gonna happen this year, that’s a fact :).

I kinda agree on you that these kind of product renders lack some creative-personal touches though this image wasn’t really tended to be a true industrial product render. I just chose the wrong thing to make in 3D I guess. Perhaps I’m gonna make a better, more personal and creative render with this model for I think it turned out nice.

Take care and een fijne jaarswisseling. Don’t know what that should be in English.

Hou je goed, take care,


I’m working on a animation with this model for a school project and I’d love to hear some real C&C for all I hear from my mom is “Nice!”… The animation explains some basics of using a digital camera. It’s about halfway done, still has some faults, lacks a good voice-over and music, but hey, I said it wasn’t finished ey. :slight_smile: So if you’d wanna look and give me some useful critics, I’d be a happy man :).


hi nice modelling and a great render!! what modelling technique is used-meshsmooth or curves(the wire shows minimum surface)

Thanks rusted.

I used mesh modelling and a lot of shift+F for filling wholes and difference-modifiers for making 'em. As you know the result of doing so is getting a lot of ugly tringles. The mesh isn’t so clean as it seems, it just shows you just the edges who have an angle in the 3d view. There are loads of triangles in there but I truly an’t care :).