Nice work! No suggestions.

BTW, you’ve been here for two years and have posted only 9 times?
That’s gotta be some sort of record.

i like it very much, nice style. I have only one thing to add… There is a straight and clean line between the wall and the ground, would be nice if you placed some sort of dirt there.


To use displacement mapping well, add a new texture channel just for the disp map. Then Reduce the VAR slider for this new texture to 0.02 and keep the DISP slider value as default. (VAR slider is above DISP slider in material window.)

The VAR slider is the amount the texture is affected on the model, the down side is it affects everything for that texture channel so use a new channel for a new VAR value.

The displacement mapping inside Blender is very responsive and if the VAR level is 1.0 when rendered your mesh will usually look like somebody set a nuke off inside it. (Lower VAR for best results, experiment with both sliders for best results.)

The model and scene is very good, the grass could do with tweaking as has been mentioned before.

Top work,