Castle Tower Look?


I am trying to make a cylinder that looks like the top of a castle tower (although I am not making a castle)…

Here is an image I found that comes the closest of what I am talking about:

I was able to make the basic shape using the following methods:

  • Added a cylinder with 16 vertices and no caps
  • Performed a Mesh/Solidify Selection to thicken the walls a bit
  • Extruded 4 of the 16 faces on top to give that castle tower look
  • Softened the whole mesh with “Set Smooth”
  • Performed an “EdgeSplit” modifier to cut the tops
  • Performed a SubSurf

When I subsurf the mesh, it gets all messed up…If I do not add those 4 extrudes on top, the subsurf smooths the cylinder mesh perfectly! So there is something about those face extrudes that the sub surf doesn’t like, or something.

I need the cylinder to be smooth on the inner and outter walls, but I need the “cut-outs” on top to be sharply cut with no rounded smoothing (I hope that makes sense).

Any ideas?


well i thnk there is a script that can do that also

check i out at the library for script at blender org in wiki

hope it helps

happy 2.5

Hey Ricky,

Hmmm…I don’t see any script there that does this. Any other ideas?


i think it’s called auto

and i think you in the latest version do a tower with it

happy 2.5