castle wall scene

this is my first scene with appended models and textures. still got to learn more about textures and lighting. :frowning:

i wanted to put some spilled water on the floor but i haven’t got the time to read a tutorial about that. (kinda busy lately) maybe later on…


The concept itself looks good to me so far. The only thing I can say is that the walls and floor need a bump and possibly a displacement map.

Also, your shadows are a bit too hard for my liking. Could you show a screenshot of your light setup?

I agree with Pompey…also, either turn the camera so you don’t see out the window nooks, or put an image “outside”, of a forest or something.

actually, if you cut the wall so you can see over it and/or opened the windows wider, you could add a more open feel and show a little landscape (if you don’t want to model all that, a well chosen picture can do the trick)

thanks guys. i was practicing on applying bumps (nor) on the wall and floor, i just read a tutorial about it. i’ll post it next time. busy right now.

(bone) thanks for the advice. i think i’ll just turn the camera a little to the right. : ) but i’ll also look for a good background image (in case i decided to point the camera on the windows). salamat po.

i’ve applied bump mapping and rotated & moved the camera a little. did i made an improvement?


This is a scene that’s really dependent on the texturing thus far, and in that, it needs quite a bit of work. I think for the stone, it really needs to be UV mapped, and if not displacement, definitely needs some normal mapping. The water in the bucket looks fantastic, and the bucket itself isn’t bad. The sword reflections are still unrealistic, even if scale overall is a bit overblown. Don’t be afraid to mess with different colored lights either, you’re looking at an area that would be lit with a soft blue from the windows, night or morning, and yellow/orange cast from flame sconces on the walls. Visible or not. As far as the reflections on the swords, they’d really benefit well from the new glossy reflections. The brush is my biggest point of content, it’s an eyesore comparitively and definitely needs texture work at the least, if not some modelling help. Great concept, and the improvement of the concept could really teach you some things about the program. Spilled water could be done easily enough with some metaball work. Or even just a subsurfed plane with a bevel modifier.

:frowning: i tried applying bump map but i don’t think i made any changes to the walls and floor. i changed the lights btw, and added a spilled water thanks for the suggestion. (i was thinking i had to simulate fluid spilling on a plane.)


The lighting still needs some work. The colors are just a bit too present, though some AO would help wash them out to look more natural as well as give you that much needed self shading. I can see where the bumpmapping works, it either needs to be stronger or needs a normal map. Or model the bricks.

thanks for the advice midian.:slight_smile:
i tried using AO (didn’t know what that was before). tried it on my other models too. renders look better. thanks much.:slight_smile: