Castle - WIP

I’m working on this castle and I have covered the castle in three materials, an UV tiled brick material and a seamless darker stone material and some tiles for the roof. The materials are simple but I want this castle to look old, could someone help me undestand how to add wear on the castle bricks from weather? Here is a material screenshot and the material file. By old castle I mean differentely colored bricks, some darker than others like this:


Brick.blend (3.44 MB)

you should use Math node instead of MixRGB node for the displacement.

Is this what you want?

Or you want a complete segment of the brick to be of different color? If it is the latter. then that’s going ot be hard unless you try the brick texture.

First, you should not use AO or reflection map with the new shader.

Second, you should use math node to control the bumpiness of the texture.

Couple of more things to keep in mind.

When you want physical displacement, you should add a subdivision modifer.

  1. Go to render settings tab. Select “experimental” on the feature set.

  2. Go to modifers tab, select subdivision modifer.

  3. Go to materials tab and click on settings. Then select Both or True from the drop-down option for displacement.

  4. Now experiment with the value on the math node. To see any changes, you will have to press the Tab key twice.

Differently colored bricks I think would be best to not make the bricks look old. If you try to put those bricks into the texture itself you get repeating patterns on a distance. To somehow achieve this procedurally and make the darker bricks look like they appear randomly on the wall would be preferable I think.

The steps looks awkward where it ends.

Thanks a lot it does look better, still quite clean but that is to be expected. I suppose if you would want to add more variety to the walls it would be better to actually bake normals from a sculpted brick wall and not rely on just pictures. Although I don’t know if that’s a great idea because it would be difficult to tile it. Maybe break up the wall in seperate parts and stitch the geometry together, a lot of work for what you might be able to add onto the picture in photoshop afterwards which I think I’ll do to this castle.

Next I’ll add a bit of wear on the stone texture and fix the stair. Then add some grass, maybe some trees and HDRI lighting.

EDIT: I just noticed, the spec on the brick wall. Is there a way to make the mortar not be as reflective as the bricks with the material you posted earlier?
Edit2: Nevermind I figured it out.

The brick texture is seamless and non-repetitive, I think.

Just combine different roughness map to make the bricks old.

You helped me with that problem, the “issue” is that the dirt or color variation covers the entire model. If you only want it at the bottom part you need to create another material. Or mask it somehow with vertex paint or whatever, I’m not good at the shader stuff. I think I’ll just add it on afterwards in photoshop, some overlay layers with some smudge on.

If I understand correctly, this is what you want:

There are numerous easy methods to achieve this. One of them is to make another material. Copy the previous material and separate it. Then just add mask on the new material. Boom.

Another method is to texture paint. This is fairly easy and fun to work with. in the UV image editor, make a new black canvas. go to the node editor and add image texture with the new black canvas as the input and attach it to the shader. Now go to the texture paint mode and start painting :slight_smile: