here is a castle i made :cool:

how is it plzzzzzzzzzz. i knw its nothing compared to those professional and drop dead gorgeous ones. still, plzzzz comment.

lol…where? :smiley:

in my imagination… lol

this is not fun place KID! :wink:

of course i made it in blender!!!

Unfortunately the image hasn’t posted correctly, vicsilverhalo, so we can’t actually see it;
it would appear that you inserted an image using a link from a gmail account, what you need to do instead is download the image, and upload it to a website like or, and then use the link they supply as the link for the image

here is the pic

is it visible now??(thx for letting me know)

nice model, bad texture,bad lightening…add some bump and displacement texture on sea plane…

As he said, the modelling is good, but you need to have a nice light setup to show it off. Try with a yellow coloured sun, some AAO (approximate ambient occlusion in the world settings) and maybe a weak blue hemi light

EDIT: oh and the sky should propably be shadeless and not traceable if it’s a sphere

if you think your version is bright enough, you need to calibrate your monitor :wink:

Nice work. Reminds me of Zelda.

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