Cat-and-mouse in Hollywood. Musical tale for children.

Hi guys!
My name is Viktoriya Nestenko.
I am a founder of a small indie studio “Nestergal” from Odessa (Ukraine).
I’d like to introduce you our musical project “Cat-and-mouse in Hollywood”.

It was kind of our insane dream to do this project and it was really hard and difficult but interesting job.

All the characters from this project were made in Blender and rendered in Blender Cycles.
We used IpiSoft for body motion capture and Faceshift for facial mocap.

Environment was modeled in Blender but we rendered it in After Effects with Element 3D plug-in due to lack of time and financial resources.

Crisics wellcome!

That is amazing and such a huge job! I don’t know how you guys pulled it off! Not sure how many people will go through 39 mins(consider short cut) - do not feel offended with lack of replies. If anything this should be posted under Finished!