Cat Competition

I am a random person, no-one can change that, so I want to have a cat competition. This is how it works, everyone competing makes a cat model, they can do whatever they want to it, as long as it looks like a cat (I would also like an animation!:). By Halloween, I will look at them all, and I will post the results (my rating).

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Sorry… I didn’t see that forum…

Anyone?? Should I make the contest easier??

can we use lions, tigers or any form of a cat?

Cat fetishist perv !

any form of cat! yes!

Okay Mosey, Here is mine:

im going to try to do an animation for this might take about a week.

working on another scene for the blenderguru contest “natures fury”

1 more week! Should I change the date that the contest ends? I feel I made that a bit hard…

mine is almost ready to animate just have to do a few more key frame and put some walls up.
when i get done will be 8-15 seconds

ok got the first 3/4 of animation done just have to do the other 1/4 and turn into video not that much texturing done on it.
its up to 20 sec so around 30 after done

Where’s your animation man

still have to turn it into movie doesnt look to good was in a hurry and wasnt watching how i was posing the cat so it looks like the cat is clumsy and sliding on the floor.LOL

ever time i watch it it makes me laugh because of my goofs.
how would i post video on here?
its like a bloopers video.:smiley:

its done just need to know how to post animation

Do you have a youtube channel Midnightcpu? if so, just post it there and put a link on here. That’s one way to do it.
I can’t wait to see it.

heres the video.

I haven’t laughed that much for a long time. Dem eyes though… deemm majestic eyes x). You shouldn’t be ashamed of your firsts animation man and put them under the bloopers label. We all have to start somewhere and learn. But dem eyes though !

i called it a bloopers because ive been animating before this like for games and stuff just didnt take the time to watch what i was doing on this one.
working on 3-4 scenes at once for different things to many scenes at one time.:spin:LOL
And this is my first time posting any of my animations.
oh well better luck next time i guess.:slight_smile: