Cat Head

this is my first time to try make realistic animal… if not realistic its the second time :smiley: … hope you like it… Blender Internal… Render time 42 Second… (I’m so surprised, i think its will be heavy) … Sorry my bad english, i’m Indonesian :eyebrowlift:

Soo cute !! The rendertime is ridiculous. Very nice hair, well reparted. I love it !! Will you do the rest of the body ?

cute! Looks quite good already but I do think the ears are a little bit too small and the head in general probably should be a little bit less round (but of course all cats are different :slight_smile: Nice work though.

I like your cat a lot, it’s very cute, but I agree with #varkenvarken that the ears are too small, and the angle is a bit wrong. Is it perhaps a special breed available in Indonesia? I myself am the owner of two Norwegian Forest Cats and they have quite large ears.
If you want, I can use GIMP and do some cut-rotate-scale on your image, and post on this thread, but I would not do it without your permission. Let me know.

Maybe i’ll make the body… and i agree too with varkenvarken, i’ll edit the ears… kamawi, okay… no problem… if you want to edit, that will help me, and thanks for suggestion

Looks awesome. Good to see, there are still Blender internal users :slight_smile:

This is the image that I edited in GIMP to you.
Made it a little fast so it’s not perfect but it might do some good anyway.

wow… more like “cat” :yes: i mean big cat not baby… thank you. here my edited cat… but the ears different rotation

Very nice video, I must also learn to do that on some of my Blenders.
And your cat looks better. If your intention was to do a baby cat you should
Think about, babys in all spicies even humans have big Eyes in proportion to the head.
Hope to see more of your cat soon.
Here’s a pic of my cats, they have big ears.

thanks for suggestion… that will help… and cute cat :smiley: