CATCH'EM (arcade game)

Hi all,

i almost finished a crazy little game called Catch’em.
You control a basket and move left or right or jump
to catch fruity items and power-ups to move faster.

But beware of the meaty hamburgers, they will make
you move slow. You also have to avoid the evil peaches
that roll towards you over the ground or in the air.
Hitting them will cost you 1 life.
Should you reach 2000 points you will also have to
avoid the lasers :cool: but luckily for you there are also shields in this game.

Some screenshots :

Wireframe mode of the “GAME” scene

and another at a different angle

some gameplay

Uploaded with

This game is made using Blender 2.49
and will be released in a Mac and Windows version.

Enjoy and let me know what you think :slight_smile:

Fixed an issue where you could not jump as high as normal
when under the influence of the power-up or the hamburger
or when jumping whilst pressing left or right.

  • problem solved by using a jump state

Fixed an issue where the player got stuck in a state after
jumping at the moment the state was about to change.

  • problem solved by implementing a system to redirect to the right state after jumping

This game is now published in the finished games section.