A cat, and a dog, made from the exact same model :slight_smile:

Now with a baked down uv Normal map, they could be exact…

Well, I have to agree that you get some interesting results playing with modifires.
I think you should work a bit more on your topology.

Without subdivision the whole model is 210 faces :slight_smile:

this thing is going to be about very small on the screen, and I hope to do a re-topo as this is the low poly version,

I dont mean to do the retopo. of the model but to build him with a better topology. check these tutorials. scrool down a little and youll see a number of videos that could help you.
But Im not sure if you are doing this like a project of just some sort of test fun project. If so, you dont really have to worry about topology especially if you are not going to animate this.

I have it rigged and working, It has a minimal set of faces, I could mess with the topology more, but I was just interested in a simple walk cycle, I am making a game, that is isometric from a distance, want the .blend and you could show me where went wrong? I have added a few more edges, to make the elbows etc bend more correctly,

Share with us the blend file and Ill draw with grease pencil how the topology should look like. I think thats the most easy way.