Caterham 7

Hey everyone I’m looking for some critique on my caterham 7. This is just a test render. Therefore, stuff like sample size, post processing, etc… would be better later. I haven’t done a lot with cars before. I’m going for realism.
Ultimately I want to composite into a real image. Like on a road. Some things I noticed were the tires, not my models. I think I’ll just make them myself. Everything else I modeled. I’m also disappointed with the seats. Anything else you think of to make this more “real” is much appreciated.

I think the window is just plane, am i right? Because it makes that effect, so there have to be some thickness in the window. Shock absorber spring looks too weak. And I’d like if there would be little bit thickness in body parts(red arrows). Break disc shader looks awful.

Very nice work! Love these kind of vehicles, and this one looks pretty realistic! The only thing that really bothers me is some metal surfaces feel like plastic, perhaps turn up the reflectivity on the metal surfaces (Rims, grill, suspension, etc… {Do not touch the reflectivity or shader settings on the body})