caterpillar fighter

this little future cowboy kid hopefully gonna ride on a caterpillar(-animal:yes:)

i try hard to get good edgeflow… some probs still there
crits n comments would be nice



The edge flow looks good so far, i wait to see de face!. imho you could improve the “s shape” of the body.

hi and thanxs for ur comment on the pose - u may be right ill have a look.
i wonder how to go on from the low res mesh - to get a nice detailed character - should i model cloth hair and soo on with sculpt tools ?


It is better to do hairs with alpha texture (transparency) in a 2d editor, because sculpting hair by hair will take too much time.

What you should do, is to set up a single quiff of hair with some polys, uv unwrap it, and copy paste it all over the skull surface, this way it will flow around it. And finaly you can texture it in 2d with transparency.

Yes it is a good idea to use sculpt tool to add folds on the cloths.

Show me the result i m curious!