Caterpillar suede chukkas

I had never modeled shoes before so I grabbed my Caterpillar chukkas, measured the length, took some pictures, launched Blender et voilà. Hope you like it!



Wow! wow!
A question: is the stool environment a photo with a shadow catcher, or is there a rendered model of the stool?

The stool is a 3D model. I initially planned to do the picture+shadow catcherm method, but last week I had to start learning UE4 and discovered this little thing called Megascans, that’s where I got it from.

You’re #featured! :tada:

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Incredible realism! Bravo!

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How did you made a chair ?! :smiley: Ok… Ok… Shoes also great :wink:

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Having worked on the shoe industry, making models and 360º renders of shoes, I can certificate yours as being very well made! :slight_smile: Nicely done! Create work with the textures too! Have you use pictures of the real ones or PBR materials?

Is the CAT logo on the tongue an image texture with bump or how did you get that effect?

Just downloaded the cat logo in black and white, blurred it in photoshop and used it as a mask/bump

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Thank you so much! <3

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wow thank you very much! I made them in Substance Painter, and the tweaked them inside Blender using nodes for sheen, spcularity and SSS.

working on a shoe model myself… will be lucky if I get same results as you… thumbs up

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Incredible work - absolutely stunning. The mesh looks very clean!

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Can you talk a little more about the sole modeling?
Was it fully modeled, used some kind of boolean or is it normal?

Sure. The sole was hollowed with booleans. The pattern was done separatedly and shrinkwrapped to a plane that follows the curve of the sole. Finally, I used booleans once again to remove the unnecessary parts of the pattern.


Great. The result was awesome.
Thank you for share.

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The shoes are great… but the wooden stool they’re on it brilliantly textured.

Haha, yeah I noticed the stool as well.