I finished this a while ago (despite the name of the file saying it’s a WIP), but never got back here for many reasons. It is a combination of every chapel or cathedral I’ve been in to date.

The modeling is quite good, but… everything looks so fake. I think the main problem is in lighting and materials. Maybe you could try adding a texture on the tablecloth (and properly setting up displacement on it). Try to play with the reflections so that they look realistic. I suppose you’re using Blender Internal. Have you tried with Cycles? If you post your materials we could help you to improve this good job. :slight_smile:

Thank you; I may ask for help in the future. :yes: I’m happy it turned out as well as it did, though. I am still learning about Cycles, so I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to read a few tutorials and ask for some help if I don’t understand. Thanks again! :slight_smile: