Cathedral Update

For those who do remember that I have a 826kvertex model (still growing) of a gothic Cathedral (last thread on it ), here are the doors…

I’m really thinking I’m going too deep in detail… I will add some volumetric light from the opened door and then start with materials (and decent lightning)



WOW!!! You like details I think…WHAT IS THE POWER OF YOUR PC??? and what is the max of verticle/face for blender?

I have a PIII 800MHz with 0.5Gig of Ram and NO graphic card (I use the one integrated on the mainbord for compatibility problems…) The model up to now is 26Mb on disk… and you must be clever in using layers if you want to be able to work in wireframe…

I was told that Blender limit was somewhere above 1M vertex, and it is well known that no single object can have more than 64k vertexes :slight_smile:


Nicely done there Stefano!

No such thing as too much detail. Keep it going.

Can you maybe brighten these up a bit. Alittle dark, IMO. Could see the details a little better.


Do you have a way to back that up?

If you don’t, might I suggest that you do.

Or else you’ll be weeping if something happens.

Man that thing’s gorgeous.