A spinoff from my muscle system work.

Awesome model. Her expression looks a bit evil for Cat Woman though. She was more of a burglar than an arch villain type I think.

She was also bat-shit crazy, given her origin. I took my main psychological inspiration from the Tim Burton/Michelle Pfeiffer portrayal, such as:

Really nice work.

Nice work so far, I really like the poses in the third render. One thing that bugs me is the smile. I think it shows too much gum/top and not enough of the bottom teeth.

Are you planning on detailing the suit more or texturing it? Right both materials look like hard plastic. I think it would help to add more variation in suit, either using more types of materials or adding something else to look at. Michelle Pfeiffer’s catwoman has the staples to help break up all the black and to show the seams. Also adding a the layer weight node and a lower roughness for the gloss shader should help it look more like latex.

I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes. Keep up the good work.

Ah yes, I am recalling that now. Comment retracted.