Caustic jellyworms - updated yet again

Hi there, had some time off here on a boring sunday,

Blender 2.34 (pre) + Yafray 0.07pre

Edit…the whole variation…

Hey, very cool. Rendertimes? Machine?

Oh, and did you just go into the Yafray GI panel, or did you export with Yable or something? How did you set the caustics up?

wow they are so nice :o
Except uve coped the worm so they are all identical, mabye that was ur intention, dunno
Keep going m8, there great

Ey anogarlr :slight_smile:

Rendertime: About 10 minutes
Computer: Powerbook g4 1.33 ghz, 512 mb ram. Os X. (Mac)

I used the new “photon” light helper that you can find in the lamp
menu, but you need an additional lamp (eg spotlights) to support
the lights. And of course…photons activated in the Yafray render
menu. (XML off…internal Yafray support used…nice to see while
rendering…easier to spot bugs that way).

Cached pathlights for increased render speed.
Caustic bounces set to 4.

Dsaber - thanks, it was just for testing caustics really, but I’ll see
if I get some time off at work to do something fun with it.

I don’t know that you comprehend quite how much I’m drooling right now. My my. I’m going to test this out.

yay, those worms are so good, hope u do some more!

That’s NICE! Very good job! I love it.


:falls over: Nice caustics :says from floor:

wicked cool! that is really nice - what’s the secret! 8)

photon helper?
:frowning: i can’t find it…
i have bf blender cvs(only a few days old) and tuhopuu2(just co today)
how do you access it?

Thanks guys :slight_smile: I’m finally home from work, so I’ll play around with
it later tonight - expect updates in a while.

Hi Funky - The Photon Helper is a lamp! you must add a lamp, and
hit the F5 button and press the lamp icon. Of course…the Lamp
must be selected while you do that. Now you should see a lamp
choice called “Photon” - use that one!

Will mess around with the scene after a couple of DVD.episodes
of “Frasier” :slight_smile:

see ya,

what do i have to download to get this feature?

Nice caustics, I’m going to get yafray and the exporter once 2.34 is officially released because of tighter intergration.


The exporter is already built in. It tightly integrates with Yafray now
and all you should do is

  1. Delete any OLD yafray installation dir you may have
  2. Install the new 0.07 yafray
  3. Install Blender 2.34 . Use the yafray dropdown and
    the Yafray renderer will show its features, plus hidden yafray
    features will also show in other menus.
  4. Turn of XML in the Yafray render menu…that way you get to
    see it’s rendering progress LIVE (very VERY useful for testing)
    and you can now cancel rendering with ESC

Currently in a render…expect an update soon, it took a bit
longer this time around…

oh so it is all in yafray! cool i’ll get it dl now! blender 2.34 is out?!?!?

Alright, the render’s in:

The caustics are still there…just not so visible in the reflection.
I’m working on getting the caustics more visible and making the
jewels glow without distracting the photons…Gotta do that tomorrow
as I’ve got work to do and this render took a LOOONG time.

yay different poses, looks great m8

you said to get yafray 7 but where do i get this? only shows 6 and the link to doesn’t work! plus blender 2.34 isn’t out yet! what are you talking about?! :wink: seems to be down. That should hopefully be fixed soon.