Caustic Spheres.

I am planning on making a mirror scene with these spheres. I was just wanting to know how the caustics looked on the spheres.
Here it is:

Im rendering another scene brighter and with a mirrored floor right now.
It wont be done before I leave for school but I will post it when I get home.
Hopefully the caustics will still work on a mirror.

Yeah, watch your photon brightness…

You need to lower the “prec” slider to get rid of the odd shadows in the seam between the walls. And maybe up the GI a tad. And is that cornell-style light really necessary? The reflected plane is distracting. I’d say nix that. Nice idea though.

I havent put in a reflecting plane yet.
I only use the cornell box because I cant get caustics without it.
Where is this “prec” slider at?

use my tutorial! in my signature! duh!? :stuck_out_tongue:

I couldnt make sense of your tutorial. Sorry.

then email me your problems and i’ll send you the blend for reference! :wink: