Caustic water



nice effect

is it wave reflected on the bottom ?
any tut on this ?

is it artificial or real caustic ?

happy bl

yes, there are two caustics there, one made by waves (dynamic Paint) like this:

the other is just a voronoi node with some math, but, yes both are applied only to the object above and reflected below…
and I’m also doing a third! with ocean modifier and some shader:

I made one fake caustics node setup based on your scene, but my setup is completely different. It works like yours using dynamic paint to produce the effect, but I have used less and different nodes. I think the result is smooth enough.

Check it out:


Really nice! That reminds me, some time ago I was looking for a way to project caustics underneath a bridge, on the bottom part, so reflection from the water. Does anyone know of a way to do that? Preferably in a way that can be applied to complex geometry, maybe projected by a light? I tried for a bit but then had to move on bc of time constraints…

Sadly, it does not work to fake reflective caustics.

did you mean like that?


it’s cool dude, that’s it continues :muscle:

Yes that’s exactly what I meant. Cool! How’d you do it?

in this case I just changed the direction of the lamp, but as you can see in the second image there were some problems … maybe a new node for this specific type of situation …