caustics and 3310

lo all,
some new work
nice caustics and my wcc entry the 3310

c&c please :smiley:


It’s yafray ?

if not, how to you make this caustics ?

Anyway, nice job !

To get caustics that accurate yes it would have to be Yafray. Otherwise it could be part of a texture or spotlamps very close to the ground.

Well, there is that supposedly new built-in engine available in CVS. I believe it was created by f00f, if I remember right.

very nice modeling, very accurate! materials could be tweaked on the cell phone though. The caustics are very good (better than the ones shown in my tut! :wink: ) and i like the silver color themes. The mblur (i assume it was mblur) is very nice too - i have done something similar only with coins not transparent coffee tokens! :smiley:

nice work keep it up! :wink:

FAceplates: Well modelled.

Phone: Great! I like the roughness of the table texture. Also, the phone is very well modeled. How cool would it be to do a “night shot” of it, with the screen and buttons glowing?

caustic stuff: very nice, the cube is sorta pretty in a plain way, but um… not much else to say except “nice caustics”

the last picture: WTF? not really a fan of it… :s

the last pic is the logo of my design group, that i am in at school (called i eat soup)
it is raining soup, mainly cuz we dominate design at school [i am 17]