Caustics, do you speak it?

I’m messing around with caustics and thinking about a scene. Anyone have a nice idea for them?
Those are only 10 minutes sampling renders, with some nice scenery I’m going to leave it overnight :slight_smile:

I’m thinking about putting this one for overnight:


Damn these look nice :smiley:
Are these done with LuxRender by any chance? I was thinking of giving it a go.

Yes, it’s LuxCore :slight_smile:

Trying different variations, right now rendering with more orbs

This one is 3h render

and denoised

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These are amazing, any chance you could share any of your scenes? I’d like to have a caustics heavy scene to experiment with the render settings.

Here is an optical element that I had to render for a client:

Optics very fake, of course. But the diffracting beam cut by a slit to get a particular wavelength is interesting. (The assembly to the lower right has an LED light source at a pure frequency, negating the need for the complicated optical train)

Just a little bit of interesting inspiration perhaps, I dig what you are doing with these renders!

I’m working with caustics now and what do I see on the internets?


Unfortunately I’ve been just rotating with the one scene around, so there are not previous ones.
But those are very simple, just area light with laser check, a plane with mirror material, and some objects with glass material. :wink:

Currently rendered scene, the fine details such as red glow on top sphere and white stripes below yellow spheres (btw all are made of same material - the color is caused by being hit by a dispersed light rays), or the blue aura on the center low beam started to show up after 4000 samples. Now 7000 and still really noisy, though denoiser would do nice here.

I’m pausing render every now and then, also for night, so the sampling speed and render times are faked.

Gorgeous! I’ve been testing as well and I’m quite disappointed that despite Bidir and Light Tracing methods, caustics are still really slow to render. I think Light tracing percentage may change something, do you notice any difference changing it? Cause I don’t notice anything too extreme.

Always use 100%. This way CPU is doing light tracing, and GPU is doing normal sampling. :slight_smile:

That’s if you have AMD with openCL, Nvidia users have to use CPU unless that changed recently.
Since I posted this I experimented more and I thought it was super fast, I guess I was using some wrong setting and/or a previous version.

Uhm no, I have nvidia.

On “light tracking” the light tracking is done on CPU only. If below 100% - also a part of normal sampling is done by cpu.