Caustics in Blender

First try with Yafaray in Blender !
-white caustics with a sun lamp
-yellow caustics with spotlight, post prod and averything in blender !
Be welcome to share your thoughts .

looking nice

easier to do with Yafaray
cycles sucks at caustic and takes for ever !

would like to see the set up for this thing
I got some glass and does not render well in cycles!

happy yafaray LOL


here is the blend file if you want to see more of it :

  • You will notice that there are 3 scenes (1 cycles & 2 differents yafaray scenes where I separated the mesh in 2 different parts)
  • enclosed a glass node set up that works best with thickness !
  • in this actual case you will notice that for liquid I did not use a mesh but faked it with backfacing colored glass shader.
  • The most important was to make sure normals were facing the right direction.
    -For final render just added some filter glares and color corrections to the actual compositing setup ! (I did not save my final set up. this way you can come up with different effects when playing around).

Happy Blending.

why is the file so big

this in only a small piece of glass

also you must get the Specail SVN for Yafaray or just an addon ?

and how long did it take to render it on yafaray ?

happy cl


Well I forgot to remove some HDRIs packed in the file !
You can get the blender build here:

I only rendered the caustics with yafaray so its pretty fast about 3 to 5 minutes !

thanks for link
there was an addon for yafaray don’t know if it can still work

I will try the glass render in Yafaray again
I think it gives better results much better caustic and more realist then in cycles !
will do some testing this weekend

happy cl

Here is a link to file (removed HDRIs)

Thanks for sharing, very interesting.

Caustics can contribute so much to certain scenes. The classic wine glass & candle scene, but also in archviz: the swimming pool, the bridge over the river, etc… one of Cycles’ weaknesses indeed. It would be great if this works, I’ll check it out too!

the link for yafaray
I got one but only 25 KB !

are these SVN working or need to build these ?

there was an addon for yafaray but not certain if it is still working ?

happy bl

I was mildly impressed with Cycles caustics recently, and it did not take long and it was not faking it. Of course the denoiser helps a lot. But cycles is definitely not bidirectional path tracer and cannot make proper caustics. Your yafray render looks awesome, i dare you to do a comparison of the same model but with cycles render. :stuck_out_tongue: