Caustics with Cycles

I would like to share with you this caustics’ rendering done with Cycles.

Materials: glass and caustics

The scene comes with a Creative Commons license.
You can download it here: Scene and elements to share


A very interesting and informative experiment, arketip! I will be trying this out for myself.
Brilliant idea using the HDR program to remove noise from the image! I have Photomatix, and am curious to see if it will give me similar results.
As for the final image, it is pleasing in it’s simplicity. I feel the material and overall image has a very painterly feel. Fantastic work!

Thank you for your answer and your comments, James. For this image, it’s more a technical chalenge but I’ve also tried to give it a aesthetic aspect. Of course, this kind of picture cannot compete directly against another images of this forum which are wonderful and creative.

I will be interested to view the mix of the 8 images by using Photomatix. I just added at the end of the page a link to download these 8 separated images.
I’m curious to see if the result could be better with Photomatix.
If you have some spare time, don’t hesitate to download these files and test them.

Well I could have sworn that this was rendered with Luxrender if I didn’t read what you wrote. Thanks a lot for publishing your tests, it has been very useful to me and to many others here I’m sure :slight_smile:

Amazing Job and paper

I was able to find some time to play around with your images in Photomatix, and from what I can tell, it’s not possible to achieve the same results. I believe it has to do with the methods the two programs use, so Enfuse would be much better suited to this workflow. I will be downloading a windows version to play around with in the near future.

I also have a short film that I’ll be using Cycles to render with, and had been worried for a long time how I would be able to reduce fireflies in my shots; especially the dark ones. I’m sure with your method, I would achieve success. Would it be alright if I credit you and link to your site when I release the video?

Thanks for making the test with Photomatix, James.
Ok, Enfuse seems really the best to use for this kind of workflow. No parameters… very confortable :slight_smile:

You can use the workflow like you want, it’s totally free to use.
You are not obliged to place a link; but if you wish it, you can use:

Hi arketip. Reading your explanation, what if Cycles could change the seed every x-samples on the same render? Wouldn’t fireflies get averaged with correct pixels then?

Thanks for the pointers arketip. :slight_smile:

Great results in my opinion. Some time ago I had a similar “idea”. I had the intention to mix different images with different seed parameters in a post-production software using the blend modes Lighten/Darken. But your idea seems waaay more precise!!!