Cave System - Blender and Unity Engine

I’m nearing completion on a project for the Unity Engine. This is a system of modular cave pieces that allows other people to build their own caves. I also modeled some rocks, chest, bones, etc. to help decorate the cave. This will be sold on the Unity asset store.

I used Blender to do all of the modeling and sculpting for these pieces.

I have some texture touch-ups, seam fixes, and material re-naming to do.

Feedback/critique is welcome and appreciated. Thanks!

Wow! Nice Detail/Texturing. Rather realistic!

Nice Job!

Great work! Would be nice to have some height variance in the tunnels. I don’t know about the unity engine but most folks are too lazy to do their own collision boxes, would be great if you did those too. Maybe blood decals for the altar if wanted? Really great job.

Thanks Charles!

Thanks Walshlg, I like the idea of having some ups and downs in individual tunnel sections. I do have some incline pieces but they are more for going up/down entire levels. All of the pieces have mesh collision turned on so they work automagically as collision when dropped into a level. I considered building covex hulls as separate collision boxes but I thought most people wouldn’t want to deal with them.

Great job on this!

Nice work! The demo looked really cool.
PS: I love that you used the word “automagically”. :stuck_out_tongue: Not very many people I know do that.

That is really awesome, I love the details especially in the textures. The big cavernous rooms are really impressive. My only thought is that some width variance in the smaller tunnels might break up the continuous “A-frame” shaped tunnels. Nice work!

Thank you Jesusfrk14!

Thanks Gallus! Things just happen automagically in Unity. I feel kind of spoiled every time I work in Unity. We are living in a golden age for independent CG artists and game developers. Blender, Unity, XNormal…just amazing.

Thank you Ben1599! This was my first project using Blender and sculpting. I’m very happy with how easy it was to add tons of detail. I added a second set of wider tunnels later. I also added a connector piece so you can transition from the narrow tunnels to the wider tunnels.

The wider tunnels are shown here: