Cavity Map inside Node Editor

Ive made a node setup to help converting normal maps to cavity maps (curvature maps). You can now do cavity maps realtime in blender viewport for texture setups or bake directly into texture. To use it, you need to create plane, add material and normal map texture to slot, then in node editor plug cavity map node group to output. If you have problems with this feel free to ask.
Usefull web pages that helped me

blend file

regards, rice


Your blend was not published on blendswap, and thus the link is broken. Could you republish your link?

Hi @pachupp,

The link in Blendswap is yet not analysed by the main team. For everybody: wait one day to re-load with this link. It’s normal…
Thanks to share with us this great job pachupp, it’s a great idea!

@Spirou4D, Yeah sory for that i can access file without problem but if im not logged in it shows that link does not exist.
Ive made another one on free hosting server


Thks pachupp, it’s ok now.
I use it certainly…

Hi ive made a bit easier to use version. You can get it here

regards, rice

Thanks pachupp!
You have work a lot on the nodes, I saw! Congrats.

Very very cool!!!

This is nice ! Substance designer in Blender ^^

Thank you pachupp!!


Hi pachupp!
This is really interesting. Specially the ability to look at it in realtime on the viewport.
I’m sorry that I have to revive such an old post, but I really want to try your node setup, because I want to use it on models when the pointiness feature doesn’t do a good job, and I want to try it for textures too.
Could you please re-upload the file with the node configuration? I can’t seem to find it on blendswap. Both of those links are down, and I don’t know if they were removed by old age.
If anyone knows where can I find it, or you re-upload a copy of it I will be very grateful.
Thanks in advance.

i think i can help:

Thank you mkbreuer! You are awesome.
Though I was particularly interested in the nodes configuration that appears in this image above

Do you have that version? The file you posted seems like an older one. Is it? In the image above there are additional input controls in the group.
Should I use a base image to create the maps?

Thank you for you attention. Really much appreciated.

try this

@edit, i should mention that this method is used in photoshop but is unaccurate. It does not take in to account position of islands on uv image editor. I recomend to use dirty vertex colors or pointiness feature.

Thank you very much!
I’ll look into it.

Thank you for good job!

Hello, can you repost the file please ?

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I double Angelbirth’s request: can we have the file again?

Have fun i guess.