Cavity Maps

Hey guys, hope you’re all well.

I was just wondering if anyone knows if blender can use cavity maps?

If not, then does anyone know if there are any plans to add them?

Thanks all!


Isn´t cavity map a term introduced by zBrushs zMapper, and referring to simply BumpMaps, creating a proprietary new format only compatible with zBrush unless you use converters and exporters?

If yes, blender supports bumpmapping already.
If no, WTF are cavity maps?

A special texture to represent cavities on teeth?

Apparently Mental Ray uses them as a Diffuse Layer in the render.

So I guess Blender could do the same?

I am not quite sure, due to the fact i am not sure what they do, but with the procedural Materials and the node editor almost everything is possible. I am more into game models than into production rendering. maybe someone else can enlighten this thread.

Cavity maps are pretty similar to ambient occlusion really…

Lightwave allowed you to use “bump height” as an input parameter which could be combined with gradients either for colouring, blending or whatever…

I’d like to be able to do that in blender… I think it could be done with nodes, but might be more complex than it should be.