CCUBaMesh: time-saving techinique

Hi everyone! I just wanted to show this technique I call it C-C.U.Ba.Mesh
(Catmull-Clarck-Underlying-BaseMesh - or SubSurf-Underlying-BaseMesh)

I apologize if this thread is not posted correctly

A CCubamesh breaks all the rules of good topology
but when you apply a subsurf averything fits right,
so you model’em quickly in 9 minutes and don’t have to retopo nor weight paint*(just 0.0 or 1.0)

the quick rig is cool for facial mocap, including the lips
the tutorial series will touch lowering its facecount for games, as well as bodies, the realistic ear, and 4 types of animals

https://www .youtube. com/ watch?v=pjNp-YVO3MY

PS.:I’ve broke the link with [SPACES], I believe its good practice ain’t it?

It’s not good practice unless your goal is for nobody to watch it :stuck_out_tongue:
I get it though, you haven’t made the minimum amount of posts yet, so I’ll post your link for you:

Not sure I’m entirely convinced by this. It’s the same workflow as regular modeling, but just without any regard for topology. Hooks can only go so far, and I’m not sure you can get decent results this way. In my opinion you’re better off just becoming faster at modeling.
Either way, maybe someone will find it useful :slight_smile: