CD Drive wont open..AGAIN!

Okay…My pc is fairly new…only 2 years old…Windows vista.Hp Pavilion Slimline s7727c PC…if thats any help…

I just got my brand new BAMBOO WACOM! =) Very excited.

My problem is that i need to install it but my pc wont let me open the drive…Do i need a knew one? Has this happened to anyone else?
If so can you help??

Thanks a TON

There’s a tiny hole on CD drives that is used to open them in case the mechanism doesn’t work anymore, just put some needle in it.

…Thats whats that for…I was like.HMM!! Thank you so much Many thanks

isnt there always a small hole next to the cd drive, letting you open it with a needle manually?
if not, try installing drivers new
can u see it on “my computer” ? click on eject

some one was faster…agian…