CD (newbie)

This is my first CD in the case project, and once of my only projects that I am not experenting on. The cover/cd is going to be a band called RED. I am scanning in the textures right now.

here are the pics:


heres updated. I cant figure why the refelections are squigly, and half the image on the back of the CD is cut off, but any sugestions you can make I’ll take :wink:
C&C thanks

Maybe the camera is too close and clipping the upper edge of the top cover.

srry, but i forgot to attach my updates!! lol
here they are:

My guess for the squigly reflections (and shadows) is that when you applied a texture to the table-top, you’ve also applied a texture to the Nor channel of the shader - the normal, or direction that the surface is pointing is affected by this channel.

The front-cover is back-to-front because the UVs need to be scaled by -1 in the X(u) direction & the back cover is cut-off because the UVs for it don’t reach the sides of the grid in the UV editor window (assuming you’re using separate files for the back & front of the cover)


thanks ill fix it :slight_smile:

Why is the cd in the case backwards??? Also, the case is too thick

i didnt skin the CD yet cause i dont know where the CD is to scan the image LOL
ill post some updated tomarrow. :slight_smile: thanks for all your help ppls

heres a update!


what da you think?

The whole thing looks good. My only crit is that the case is too thick. Other than that it is gerat.

yeah, the cd i was going to orignaly make was a 2 disc, so it was thinker. i’ll shorten it