CD's and cases we have the fruit of an evening… ( i think i spent more time calibrating my scanner and scanning sleves than modeling… still…)

im actually rather happy with this one… doesnt happen often… but there we go…

if you were interested (your not but still) the albums are

the dandy warhols, 13 tales from urban bohemia

the levellers, the levellers

Supertramp, breakfast in america

Vertical horizons, everything you want

also im having an odd time at the moment so… if i shout at you or go off in a strop… im sorry…

feel free to point out all of the tiny things ive got wrong…

the ones i already know about

The sides of the top half of the plastic case has a texture on it
the rear cover is showing through the grippy bit in the middle wich only happens on cd’s with a clear back
13 tales looks almost fully black at the side
the shaddows are realy rather awfull

and a depth of feild would probily well bring depth to it…but still

all done in blender internal


Quite good !
2 things: the front part of the box (transparent) should be reflective: we should see a reflection on the “Dandy Warhols”
And the inside material is mabe a bit too black and glossy…: it should be a bit more bumpy(mimimimum)…

Maybe you need more lamps: it fells rather grey and gloomy.
And i think i would set the focal distance of the camera to something like 50 or so: this is, i think, too “wide-angled”.

Keep it up !

Not to bad!
the lighting is the weak part.
Try to emulate a studio light setup. I think could work better.

if you look at it closly you can see a slight shaddow from the vertical horizons in it///
ill give a different cam a look
the surround is bumpy/// the centre is shiny… but ill see what it looks like all bumpy…

yes that could do with work… at the moment its just a spotlight and amoc…

And i thaught it was finished…
thanks all…


now my true noobishness shows through… im useless at lighting… im reading up on it now… so that should be ok…
(other confession… i cant get head or tail of nodes… and they can do so much)

im sure ill get it one day…

<<edit no.2>>

all is bad… whatever i do… its just ends up looking crappy…