Cel Shading and Toon Shading - What are your solutions?

I searched in every forum for some tutorials or method or advices about those topic:Toon Shading, Cel Shading, Anime Style rendering. Some people are talking about “blend method”, “EnvMap method”, “posterization postprocessing”… but no one as a clear description of it…

What kind of a method can I use to render:

1 an animated mesh (not only a static image)
2 with flat colour
3 with two tones flat shadows
4 with flat highlights
5 with clean colour/black edges?

I give you a sight of what I mean…

I will enjoy sharing blend files, or tutorial links, or complete descriptive method

Check this out:

I previously read these tutorial but I can’t get the result I want:

two tones flat shadows

flat highlights

Here is one picture that I rendered with that method.

Thanks for help but I still need more answers…

you can set the eint value at a higher level to get a better version of your pic above.

other, this might be what you want.
(look for shading without lights)
I think you can play around with the values to get the right look.

The Blend file is quite interesting… I think I will need some practice to understand wich buttons does what, but I’m still trying

Only that part is missing:

flat highlights

Here are the preliminary results on the character, not on the flower pot:

It seems to be difficult to adjust the light direction.

Very interesting method, thank you.

How many of us are interested by non phorealistic rendering?

I am very interested in this. One option I’m considering is BMRT or some other Renderman compliant renderer (virtuallight?).

Here is a source for some info re:non-photorealistic rendering: