I want to do some of that cel-shading stuff, but the closest thing I can get is shadeless materials. The eeshlo stuff isn’t accessable to me (web restrictions–stupid AOL). How do I do it?

do a search on the WIP and the finished works forum with the keyword ‘cel-shading’ or ‘celshading’ or something like that.
I know valarking made a sort of cel shade method, and someone else too.

For the toon shaded outline effect press the ‘edge’ button in the render tools window.

Play around with the edge options untill you have the best effect for your need :slight_smile:

Hannibar: What’s a WIP?

Azrael: I know toon shading. But it’s cel-shading, not toon shading.

Work In Progress

this forum:


You may use the “Search” link in the top right of the page, for those topics in all treads:
“cel shading”

But honestly, no one has a really practical method for toon, and/or cel shading…

You will find 3 methods:

1 Excessive lighting and dark specular to flatten shadows and highlight
2 Blend texture material to force sharp transition between colour
3 Emiting and shadeless material