(CubeFan973) #1

I want to do some of that cel-shading stuff, but the closest thing I can get is shadeless materials. The eeshlo stuff isn’t accessable to me (web restrictions–stupid AOL). How do I do it?

(hannibar) #2

do a search on the WIP and the finished works forum with the keyword ‘cel-shading’ or ‘celshading’ or something like that.
I know valarking made a sort of cel shade method, and someone else too.

(azrael) #3

For the toon shaded outline effect press the ‘edge’ button in the render tools window.

Play around with the edge options untill you have the best effect for your need :slight_smile:

(CubeFan973) #4

Hannibar: What’s a WIP?

Azrael: I know toon shading. But it’s cel-shading, not toon shading.

(theeth) #5

Work In Progress

this forum:


(labyrinthe) #6

You may use the “Search” link in the top right of the page, for those topics in all treads:
“cel shading”

But honestly, no one has a really practical method for toon, and/or cel shading…

You will find 3 methods:

1 Excessive lighting and dark specular to flatten shadows and highlight
2 Blend texture material to force sharp transition between colour
3 Emiting and shadeless material