Celebrate me!

On behalf of my 700th post! (this one)

I have a couple of stuff I want to tell people. Well, here goes. I just wanted to say:

  • Have a nice day.
  • Don’t forsake blender.
  • Use thumbnails.
  • Visit my development site: Monkey Games without further ado (see sig)
  • Use the direct link from imageshack, I hate pop-ups.
  • When posting a project PLEASE put some screens, to let us know what we download.
  • And last but surely not least: READ THE STICKIES FOR HEAVENS SAKE.(I’m not saying you should obey them, I’m only saying you should atleast take the effort in reading them).

Ofcoarse I’ve got some, good efforts to take myself, as I stride for a postcount of 800. These are:

  • I might stop calling sago: Horace Morse.
  • I might start being less rude on people’s topics.
  • I might stop bugging people about thumbnails and direct links.
  • I might acctualy listen to my own above mentioned requests.
  • I might grow The F*ck Up(notice the might in every sentence)

I feel like its new year… except, at new year, those never come true. Maybe its a sign.


Uh, wow?

700’s not really a significant number in my book. I didn’t go shouting into the forum that I passed 2000 posts under this new name. (my postcount is now over 5,600 if you count Kansas_15 in as my old name)

I was thinking along the same lines. 100, 500, and 1000 all seem relatively notable, but 700 isn’t much of a milestone.

You do now that you can ask the moderators to change your nickname on the “Website&Forum” forum. Right?
Never mind if you don’t though. Then you do know now.

I’m aware of that, but why would I change my nick, I can’t change it back to the old one without risking sizable repercussions and criticism and i’m contemplating on wether or not it’d be right to change it to Cyborg_Dragon to match my new sig.

peiter: Just to claify for you, Kansas_15 was banned from the forums. The admins were generous enough to allow him back as Icoxo. For this reason, a simple name change would not have done.

BTW, I’m getting dangerously close to the 500 post mark myself…

Wow… 700, would you like a medal? :wink:

I forsee this being Locked. Any bets on who will lock it?
My moneys on BgDM…

Anyway congrats on 700…

champagne for everyone!


He’s right, I also knew that if I had just come back as Kansas_16/17 everybody would try to shoo me off of the board. So I came back as Icoxo and proved everyone I can be a decent poster before revealing who I really was.

BTW: I posted in the name change thread to get my name changed to Cyborg_Dragon since I like robots, technology, and Dragons.

meh, I just wanted to put some life into this dead place.
and I wanted all of you to watch stickies, use direct link and whatever else is in the top list…

I needed some excuse ^^