Celestial Seeker Magic Staff Weapon Model

I usually like to take weapons from stylized video games or anime shows and recreate them in Blender in a photorealistic style. For this model, I have recreated the Celestial Seeker handmade staff from the JRPG game Atelier Ryza. The model has a total of 8,526 faces (16,796 tris) and uses both procedural material and textures from Poliigon.
The procedural parts are the middle gemstone, the grunge edges, the grunge overlayed on the textures, and the scratches on the 3 blades (the parts that look like its from a windmill)

I would love to hear your thoughts on how it’s good and what can be improved upon! I’m trying to become better at weapon modeling so your feedback is important to me! :smile:

For more of my work: http://artstation.com/joshuaautumn