Cell Fracture isnt working on some objects, why?

Hi there guys, i’ve been experimenting with cell fracture and an not having any great luck! I can do it on simple cubes and such, but if I try and do it on anything i want to, blender just hangs once its filled up a cubespace (before it starts deleting the bits). Can someone advise whats going on? I’m doing all these fractures on the default settings too. If that helps.

Download file from: http://www.crinklemedia.co.uk/FRACTEST.rar

Also while im here, does fractureing mess up the textures on objects? If it does im not gonna use it because i need the textures to obviously match the unfractured objects, otherwise its pointless.

I found that after it forms the cube around the object and fractures the cube, the booleans appear “backwards” If you take the pieces of the fractures cube and move them out of the way, there is a cavity where the object should be inside. It’s like a cube with a “mold” of the object inside it. It seems that maybe the booleans are getting rid of the wrong piece of the object.

This is on latest build r53920.

OK, guys. Solved my own problem. The normals were not all “outside”. I had to recalculate the normals.

Sorry for the trouble!

Thanks for the replies, but im not exactly sure what you mean? On my system when all the fragments of the cube have generated, blender crashes, preventing me from moving or doing anything with the pieces?