Cell shading game, How?

Couple of weeks ago I saw some cellshaded games like a kirby game and a demo of a streetfighter looking character. Now I’ve got a question, how can I make a cellshaded game in blender? And did somebody made a tutorial for it? I hope someone know more about cellshaded games in blender. :smiley:

shell shading can be done in the gameengine by having a duplicate mesh that is slightly bigger than the original that surrounds the small one. You color the outer mesh black and make all it’s normals face inward, and thats it.

yes… duplicating the mesh
using Alt+s in edit mode, painting it black and inverting the normals takes kare of the outline…

But some dude use reflection to simulate cell-shading lighting, very cool…
Search for cell-shading or something similar in this forum… and download the blend of that post that asks which is better texturing or cell-shading…

Take close attention at how the textures were applied to the model… and you will see that the texture is composed of two colors (lighter and darker) and when this is combined with reflection it looks very good… a bit messy though…

Mmmhh sounds good, But isn’t there a another way to make cellshading?
Because it effects the vertex numbers.

I suppose someone could write a python script that sets vertex colors the “cell shaded” way - using two or 3 shading colors based on distance from lights; but it wouldn’t be fast… Not at all. Even so, I have a lighting script I was playing around withm I’ll see if I can adjust it for cell shading:)

Sounds nice, I hope I ca use that. When is it finished :stuck_out_tongue:

Trust me, it will be too slow to use, but it might look cool:)

What is cell / shell shading?!

cell shading is also called toon shading i think… simple layers of colors and a black outline on an object/character

Meh, it doesn’t look right and it’s too slow. I give up :frowning:

I searched for the realtime file texture cell?. It looks very cool, but how did he made the reflection under the character in the game engine? Did he fake it with duplicating the mesh and mirror it or is it just some python script? I tried also to make the character toonshaded with duplicating it’s vertexes, looks really cool, I think a tutorial is coming for it because when people ask about it just send them to the tute :wink:

:slight_smile: Kirby, some one remembers my game.
anways, too acheive a toon edge use the method above, to do toon shading, use a gradient (black to white) texture as reflective map to make it look even better.

I know your game kirby, you talked much about it on blendergames.com but ok. I now know how to do toonshading (http://home.hetnet.nl/~jdvhulst and than click the alien) but I saw also somebody using the reflection. Someone made a topic “Cell texture?” and used reflection on the ground to reflect the character. How did he do that?? Using python ot just fake it with duplicating the character? I’ll hope somebody can asnwhere it. :slight_smile:

No need for python scripts, just duplicate the scene (make the objects linked copy but not the camera) then flip the camera upside down, add a little semi tranparent plane as the miror and apply the scene as a backround scene to the first one - you will get the illusion of a mirorred copy.

one more thing about toon shading - i find it more “toon like” if you use a 3 color gradient (black, 50% gray and white) to get the proper look.

i also found a way to fake edges without a duplicate mesh, but it still needs prefection (ill get more work on it after the game contest).

i think i know how that other person did the cell shading demo
create a cartoon character, with different colors as different objects(easier this way)

then create a bunch of square textures

left half skin color, right half, dark brown color

take the characters body (skin parts) and use thic texture, and then select relection map button

im not sure if u know what i mean… but i think this should work well

this is what i mean… u gotta hit set smooth to make it look better



Ok I’ll try to do reflection and update the alien with mooth ( but it hink I did that ) by the way I finished the toon shading tutorial and published online. http://home.hetnet.nl/~jdvhulst/tutorials.html I’ll hope I could soon starting the game reflection tutorial, but first I’ve to find out how to do that. :slight_smile: