Cello player


Posting my latest 3D work, girl playing cello.

Rendering cycles, postpro gimp

C&C welcome


Very nice image Kellyq, has a dreamy feel to it. I would love to know how much of the look was achieved with cycles, could you post the raw render?

I love to do critiques but the only thing I can say is I love your image.
Sorry, it’s not very constructive.

some extra images

raw render except editing in nodes



very goood ! emotional

This is really mesmerizing! Your subtle attention to detail and color is superb. Just wow. - Reyn

I love how postimpresionist (?) looks. It’d be awesome to know the nodes you used to that. Or was all of it in GIMP?

Beautiful ! Your raw render is amazing as well, I can’t say which one I like the most.
The final one has a more original visual though.