Censorship VS Ignorance

Everyone has their trigger, whether it be dogs humping other dogs or kids blowing themselves up, people get offended by different things. I dont understand why these people simply cannot stay away from threads that offend them and just mind their own business. This is the whole reason political discussions and religious debates are banned. Personally, I HATE CENSORSHIP. I feel restricted by not being able to talk about what I want in the off-topic forum (like for example, me ranting about how much of an idiot George Bush is) I think its screwed up that people here cant talk about their religion without being disrespected whether you’re Buddhist or Christian (or anything else) and I know that im being a little hypocritical because I once disrespected a member here (LightSpeed) and I’d like to apologize for that.

And dont give me any of that “Well why dont you pay for the webspace if you want to have political discussions” CRAP because text DOES NOT take up that much space.

Anyway, people here should be more civilized so that more topics do not get banned. Lock this thread if you must, but I feel people should keep to themselves if they get offended and just IGNORE things rather than having to CENSOR topics.

That’s my 2 cents.

Does it matter?

Does what matter? Censorship? Civility? Be more specific please.

Its not just a matter of people avoiding it.

These types of thread just do not end, look at the “lets play” thread - it has half the ammount of hits compared to the stickys which have been there for donkly years, all in a matter of days.

Now, all these sort of threads are pointless and take too long to die and they just keep getting bumped.

With political threads there is not right or wrong answer, so again these debates go on and on to no real end. Some twat makes a new one everyday and we no longer have “off-topic” we have a “spam” section or “political debate” section filled with peoples political, religious or other pointless beliefs which have no real right or wrong answer meaning its bound to provoke other people beliefs.

And since this forum is here for people to discuss things and not “A place to put my 1 sided political statement”. So those who object also have a right to post thier opinions just as you posted yours. Thus it is not allowed because all it does it lead to nothing worth while other than a bunch of kiddies whinning to the admins because theri thread was totally “ruin”.

And dispite what you think, you dont own this forum - you dont have a right to post what you like in off topic - that why people have thier own blogs - So they can talk about what every they like with thier lil cult people. Also, being off topic doesnt really mean you can post anything dispite what some beleive. This is an art/design community for blender - while this isnt really microsoft support some things are slipped by but generally it isnt a section to turn into your “car forum”. If you want to talk about cars all day go to a dedicated car forum, if you want to talk about your political belifs go to a dedicated forum for it, no one will miss you, honest.

@Lukus: I never claimed to own this forum, and I dont mind that Religious and Political topics are banned for the reasons you stated. You’re right for the most part but what im trying to tell people is that they should learn to ignore things that offend them rather than go and make a big fuss over it. This way other topics dont get banned. It’s like taking away our freedom of speech and personally I find it restrictive.

OK, and this goes for everyone here that utilizes BlenderArtists forums. BlenderArtists forums are here for the discussion of Blender and related CG topics.

Yes, we do have an “Off Topic” sub-forum for discussions that do not relate to the above mentioned items. With that being said, the operators of BlenderArtists, along with the mods, have agreed that there will be no political, sexual, racist, etc., etc. discussions to be held within the “Off-Topic” sub-forum, as these all lead to eventual flame wars and general bad mouthing of people and the subject matter. No matter how the initial poster wanted the discussion to take place.

We are all administering/moderating these forums on our own free time, (and some of us during work time :cool:), and we do not want to have to review every single thread for proper subject matter, flame wars, etc., etc. Thus the reason this guideline was implemented between us all.

Once Timothy is back from vacation, the new site design will be put into place, along with a set list of forum rules/guidelines, which will further detail these issues. They will be adhered to by all admins/mods and strictly enforced. We have been letting some of these topics slide a bit, due to the fact that the rules are not public as of yet.

So please, do not think of this as censorship. We are only trying to maintain a level of civility and trying to help further the development of Blender and the Blender community.