Centering all Islands to same point in UV Editor


I’ve tried all sorts of things and suggestions, but I just cant get this to work.

If I unwrap something, say a cube (marked all edges as seams), and it creates 6 islands in the UV Editor, I want some way to select and then center all the 6 islands onto a central point.

For testing and things, I want all my faces of certain objects to have the same material/texture, so I want them to stack up on top of each other in the UV map in the same position.

The only way I can do it at the moment, is to drag and drop each island into the same space manually, and snap them 1 at a time. This is quite time consuming.

I’ve tried being in Island select mode, selecting them all and then I would expect that if I did a Snap ‘selected to cursor’ (Shift S) they would all center on the cursor. But instead that seems to collapse all the vertices of the islands on the cursor position, rather than keeping them all relative to the center of each island.

Any ideas?


Rob D.

I’ve only been able to get this to work for individual faces (So it would work for a cube) but have failed at doing it for groups of faces.

Select your common faces, in the Unwrap Menu, click “Reset”. This will cause all the UVs to be mapped to the entire image in the UV Editor. From there, select the Vertex selector and (B)ox select a corner, this will grab the same corner on every face. Drag that corner to where you wish and then repeat for the other corners.

If anyone knows a better method, especially for islands with lots of faces, then I am eager to hear this too.