Centering one object ontop of another

I got my chessboard built and have the pawns buitl so far. I was wondering how to get the pawns to line up perfectly center on each square. Is there some way to line up on the center point that is showing?

How did you do the pattern? I presume you used multiple textures.

In that case, select the single square (all four verts) and hit Shift+S > “Cursor -> Selection”. That will put the cursor at the calculated center of the selected verts. Then select your object, the pawn in this case, and Shift+S > “Selection -> Cursor”. You may have to move the pawn up. You can easily do that with G, then Z to move it along the Z axis.


I couldn’t figure out how to get the uv to work right, so that it spread the pattern out over the faces on the plane. It kept putting the whole chess board pattern on each face on the plain. Not very good with that feature yet. Instead I made a 2 x2 bu plane, extruded it a bit for depth, then duplicated it. I made one black, one white then I selected both of those and kept duplicating them until I had 16 tiles, then duped those once, then duped the 32 once, and had my board then. I know that is probably the hard way to do it it but It looks great, so I’m happy with it. I just zoomed in all the way on the seams of each tile to make sure there were no gaps and they lined up right.

Ok. You should still be able to apply the snap feature I mentioned above to what you have now.