Ceramics to 3d animation

Hello World!

I’m new to this forum and to Blender/3d in general.
I wanted to share my current project: transforming my ceramic pieces into 3d animations! I plan to make a series in which futuristic humanoids debate human archeology in a funny way.

You can see how the process is evolving on my Instagram.

It’s a lot of new things to learn. I spent quite some time working on reducing poly and for a bit I thought having quad based geometry was key - I really hope it’s not because it’s so much easier to keep the triangles!

Merging traditional techniques with contemporary ones is very important to me. And I do think ceramics give beautiful textures! Plus it’s super cool that people can eventually see and touch the characters.

I’d love to hear feedback and improve my technique. Also, now I’m working on the scripts, so it’s also a whole other world of storytelling.

Who else here is working on their own storytelling project while also learning the basics of 3d?