CG BOOST CHALLENGE : Monster in the closet

latest update :arrow_up:

Hi all, this is the start of my submission for the CG boost Challenge “Monster in the closet”
I will post regularly some updtate
Hope you like it

My vision :

after a day of work, the little monster is finish and ready for being textured :


New update : Cupboard, food, preserves, canned food, chairs, table, wall and floor

Looks good to me! Just keep going.

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thks @arch111 :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
it’s really boosting me !

New update : Women Character

Ha, I know, on my reference image, I didn’t notice while seeing it and WORST : when doing it :

There’s only four finger to her hands… :sweat_smile:
I’ve been trying to add her one, but it was really messing up all, so I just give up and tell myself that maybe it won’t show too much in the final render

And there is no bottom to her body because it wont show in the render so I dont need to do one.

New update : human boy and girl

Yes, I know, they’re ugly, :sweat_smile: but again, it won’t show up too much in the final render so I don’t have a worry for it, the hair of the boy may be change in the future, I took a loooonnnng time trying to do something i like but, without any sucess :confused:

New update : Few objects added on the table + basic colors of the scene

A few elements added, they aren’t too detailed, but I don’t need them to be, so it will do for now. :grin:

Finally the first (and basic) materials are achieved ! :laughing:
not good looking for now but they will take another look at the end :grin:

New update : Ivy + material more detailled

Looking good. Keep going!

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New update : adding of a salon, with sofa, mini-table and tv / plants, drawing, and a few thing more on the table.

The next week will be busy for me (I’m moving of country) so I had to finish it now…

This is my final submission without Affinity :

And with :

Clay render :

Quick change on my final render : I’ve added some shadow around the image :