CG Boost Robot Pet Challenge Environment

Hi everyone! I haven’t posted in a while, but now that I have more time I’ll try to post regularly since I have a lot to share.

This image was created for the recent robot pet challenge hosted on CG Boost, but as you can see there aren’t any robot pets in the scene. Because of other things going on in my life I was left with only two days to create my submission from scratch, and I ended up not having enough time or energy to create the characters. I was dissapointed, but at least I learned a lot in my mad rush to put together this environment. I considered trying to finish the scene, but it has a lot of issues from the compromizes I made to build it so quick. So I decided to call it finished, share it around and get some feedback, and try it again in a few months when I have more time to do a better job and trully create my original vision.

The environment was built using a variety of time saving techniques inspired by artists like Ian Hubert: and Karl Poyzer: I made random shapes and used them to create abstract, mechanical looking objects to fill the scene, and then I used a material with procedural texture mapping because i didn’t have time for propper UVs. This had mixed results and is one the biggest weakpoints of the final render.

I made the airship by extruding out panels and mapping them onto bits of a picture of a generator i found on to texture it quickly. This worked fairly well, but the design could definitely be improved and a lot of details could be added.

Rendered in Blender 2.92 EEVEE, with some post processing done in Blender.

I had two main ideas for the characters in the shot. My first idea a post appocalyptic human survivor wielding a srappy looking sci-fi rifle and riding a robotic stallion (the “pet” for the challenge theme) rearing up on its hind legs while perched on the airship’s intact engine, with hostile robots approaching from all sides. As I got closer to the deadline my idea was reeled in to be just a person or robot sitting on the engine with a robotic falcon pet perched on their arm.

If I revisit this project later this summer I’ll use better models of machinery to fill out the environment, add a lot more detail to the airship, create the characters I imagined for the scene (one or both of the ideas described above), add lots of atmospheric details like smoke tedrils and sparks in post production, and I’ll make it 4k instead of HD.

Feedback and questions welcome!


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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