CG overlay

I want to introduce you my CG overlay! (Linux only)

Basic goals:
-Use latest blender innovations.
-Useful search and installation of blender addons database.
-Automatic update.
-Maximum performance of your hardware.
Please support me on patreon so that I can develop the CG overlay.

Thank you!

Sorry, It’s nice you tried to go directly without many words, but I don’t have a clue what the goal is from your description.
Also on git is zero info in Read file or Documentation page.

uh, I feel like I´m more confused after reading the description…

This looks more like customization for Gentoo to easily slap some CG tools (including blender) onto a Gentoo install. This isn’t really a blender addon, though it does appear to include some as packages for Gentoo. Description could use some more clarity as to what exactly this is for.

How many addons for blender you have…10 or 20? How much time you spent to update it? So my overlay lets update it automaticly and also you can set a rule for auto updating. Yes, it is all for Gentoo base, because Gentoo sistem let us install directly from git (more of addons don’t have releases and no packages in any distribution). Also blender on Gentoo is maximum optimized for your needs and hardware (on patrion site you can find links with tests). If it difficult for you to understand my description, I answer to your questions with pleasure and will try to do my description more understandable. Thank you.

P.S. you can see manual on links below

Thats what you should start to say

  • automatic updater of blender addons for Linux (Gentoo).

Commercials like “-Use latest blender innovations.” or “-Maximum performance of your hardware.” simply messed the middle part for me.
Also it is nice you love Gentoo, but I never heard about that system before. If your script (or what ever it is) is for Linux user ONLY, I could simply skip your post in peace. Please help us to use this site efectively and adjust a bit the title of your thread. Blender is multiplatform and most of the scripts are for all of us, so if you do a work for a specific group of users its always good to mentioned that in title. Thank you

Ok, i understand you.

But "Commercials like “-Use latest blender innovations.” or “-Maximum performance of your hardware.” " is not a commercial words

Please see this tests ( look at gentoo )

And there are options of my blender instalation ( + is on, - is off)

[email protected] ~ $ equery u blender
[ Legend : U - final flag setting for installation]
[ : I - package is installed with flag ]
[ Colors : set, unset ]

  • Found these USE flags for media-gfx/blender-9999:
    U I
    • X : Add support for X11
    • addons : Enable bundled addons and addons_contrib.
    • alembic : Add support for Alembic interchange format through media-libs/alembic.
    • avi : Add support for AVI codec.
    • blender : Build main blender editor.
    • boolean : Build with boolean modifier.
    • collada : Add support for Collada interchange format through media-libs/opencollada.
    • colorio : Enable OpenColorIO color management through media-libs/opencolorio.
    • cuda : Build cycles renderer with nVidia CUDA support.
    • cycles : Build cycles renderer.
    • decimate : Build with decimate (polygon reducer) modifier.
    • doc : Build C and Python API documentation directly from the source code.
    • dpx : Build with DPX image format support.
    • ffmpeg : Enable ffmpeg/libav-based audio/video codec support
    • fluid : Adds surface fluid simulation to Blender using El’Beem library.
    • freestyle : FreeStyle is an edge- and line-based non-photorealistic rendering engine.
    • game-engine : Adds Game Engine support to Blender.
    • jack : Add support for the JACK Audio Connection Kit
    • jpeg2k : Support for JPEG 2000, a wavelet-based image compression format
    • linguas_ar : Arabic locale
    • linguas_bg : Bulgarian locale
    • linguas_ca : Catalan locale
    • linguas_cs : Czech locale
    • linguas_de : German locale
    • linguas_el : Greek locale
    • linguas_en : English locale
    • linguas_es : Spanish locale
    • linguas_es_ES : Spanish locale for Spain
    • linguas_fa : Persian locale
    • linguas_fi : Finnish locale
    • linguas_fr : French locale
    • linguas_he : Hebrew locale
    • linguas_hr : Croatian locale
    • linguas_hu : Hungarian locale
    • linguas_id : Indonesian locale
    • linguas_it : Italian locale
    • linguas_ja : Japanese locale
    • linguas_ky : Kyrgyz (Kirghiz) locale
    • linguas_ne : Nepali locale
    • linguas_nl : Dutch locale
    • linguas_pl : Polish locale
    • linguas_pt : Portuguese locale
    • linguas_pt_BR : Portuguese locale for Brasil
    • linguas_ru : Russian locale
    • linguas_sr : Serbian locale
    • linguas_sv : Swedish locale
    • linguas_tr : Turkish locale
    • linguas_uk : Ukrainian locale
    • linguas_zh_CN : Chinese locale for Peoples Republic of China
    • linguas_zh_TW : Chinese locale for Taiwan
    • lzma : Support for LZMA (de)compression algorithm
    • lzo : Enable support for lzo compression
    • ndof : Enable NDOF input devices (SpaceNavigator and friends).
    • nls : Add Native Language Support (using gettext - GNU locale utilities)
    • oceansim : Build with modifier for ocean simulation.
    • openal : Add support for the Open Audio Library
    • openexr : Support for the OpenEXR graphics file format
    • opengl : Add support for OpenGL (3D graphics)
    • openimageio : Simple but powerful ImageInput and ImageOutput APIs
    • openmp : Build support for the OpenMP (support parallel computing), requires >=sys-devel/gcc-4.2 built with
    • opensubdiv : Add viewport rendering support for subdivision modifier.
    • openvdb : Library for use in volumetric.
    • osl : Advanced shading language. Works only on CPU.
    • player : Build the Blender Video Player.
    • portable : Build the Blender portable.
    • python_targets_python3_6 : Build with Python 3.6
    • quicktime : Add support for OpenQuickTime
    • remesh : Build with voxel retopology modifier.
    • sdl : Add support for Simple Direct Layer (media library)
    • smoke : Smoke simulation support
    • sndfile : Add support for libsndfile
    • sse : Build with sse CPU optimisations.
    • tiff : Add support for the TIFF image format
    • valgrind : Add support for memory debugging using dev-util/valgrind