CG Skies' Sketchbook

(CG Sky) #1

Hey everyone!

I figured I should start a Sketchbook, or else I´ll never start one.
Hoping this will also keep me more motivated to continue with creating art and pushing myself.
+It´s always nice to have a place to see how you´re progressing with stuff, so here we go.

I think I´ll keep this post updated with my newest Projects, while also adding new ones in new posts below.

Started sculpting some sci-fi armo(u?)r today. Rendering done in the viewport with matcap materials and sweet, sweet film emulation.

Happy Blending,
CG Sky

(CG Sky) #2

Here is a full body anatomy study I did yesterday. Not really refined yet,
+poor guy misses some skin

(Tonatiuh) #3

You have good anatomy there! nice start for your sketchbook!
I’ll be watching you!

(CG Sky) #4

Started some (hopefully) “Daily Sculpting”. I´ll try to sculpt a Head everyday within only one hour. The plan is to improve my sculpting speed and of course my knowledge.
I´ll also try to challenge myself by sculpting some sculpts with and some without reference.
Maybe you guys can see a difference (should be quite obvious)


So here is my result of Day 1:

This one was actually enterily sculpted from imagination. The proportions were eyeballed as well, which is why they are off.
I think the mouth and nose area turned out pretty well actually, but there is a lot of room for improvement as always :smiley:

(Tonatiuh) #5

Hello! I not fan of speed sculpt, but if you have some with real study I think it is fine. I can see that your last one is from imagination.
In the mouth you make a common mistake, that is to not integrate the lips with the muscle, your lips protrude out of the muscle, and that is not the case.
Also you forget the lagrimal in the inner eye, and that is why he seems cross-eyed. the lagrimal should be out of the eye, that make the eye to seams normal again.
Don’t forget the glabela and the superciliar arch.

(CG Sky) #6

Thanks a lot for the feedback! I didn´t really study the face yet, which is propably why I´m still pretty bad at it. Will have to learn some muscles and stuff.


Meanwhile I sculpted this guy, with help of some photo reference. Definitly a lot of improvement compared to the last one, but still not quite there yet.

(Tonatiuh) #7

Yes! that has improve a lot! studying from references is a lot better that just playing around with your imagination. There is always room for improvement. You should practice some noses and ears, but the most important part is blocking everything perfectly first.

(CG Sky) #8

I never have enough time to finish ears when sculpting only for an hour.
Here is something which took longer than an hour, but for some reason looks more like one of the creatures in “Avatar” to me than a human :F

If someone can tell me, why that is, please don´t hesitate to do so :smiley:

(Tonatiuh) #9

Hey! nice practice, well there are two main muscles missing, masseter, and Temporal muscles. Also the muscles around the mouth well… they can be more define. Also the nose looks flat at the nasal holes (see the image). and there is to much zygomatic bone at the antero-lateral part of the face.

Edit: And come one!!! you have to go until the ears are more or less, if you don’t do it in an hour, is ok to spend more time!!! sculpt is not a fast thing, it is the most important part, if you don’t have a good sculpture, you can’t fix it with textures, or pores or anything, at list to me.


(CG Sky) #10

Here´s something I created in a week for an Art Challenge. Critics are always welcome.

Full Post:

(CG Sky) #11

I finally got the chance to sculpt another head. Here’s what I created in 2h without reference.

Bombard me with feedback please :smiley:

(Tonatiuh) #12

For been with out references and just been a first step in a sculpt I think you went very well!!! but for realism the eyes, nose, mouth, ear, neck, cigomatic… they all have to improve a lot.
Came on!!! give it a chance and now try to look at references and refine it! don’t stop here, this part you know very well how to do it, but can you go forward???

(CG Sky) #13

Yeah, I think the next step will be to refine it with reference :smiley: I hope I can make it.

I still didnt get around to learn all the facial muscles and all that stuff. I´m rather in the mood of going with the flow at the moment… it´s good to get some ideas out, but not really good if I want to make refined models.
But the future can just be good, right? :slight_smile:

(CG Sky) #14

I forgot to put my Kevin Spacey likeness try into my Sketchbook, so here it goes. This is kind of old already.

I obviously didn´t really nail the likeness, but I thought it might be good to be able to track my progress with this thread.
Have a nice day :slight_smile:

(Tonatiuh) #15

You really don’t need to know the anatomy to do a sculpt! just keep your eye sharp! And look at references! Anatomy helps, but you can live without it. I know a lot of anatomy and at the start it didn’t help me at all.