CG Tree: Download [Update: Hi-Res version up too]

Here’s a nice CG tree for anyone who’s interested. Kind of cartoonish but all procedural. C&C welcome and you can download the blend here.

Looks great :slight_smile:

this render is amazing! :o have you made more trees for us to see/download?

Great texturing too

Thanks, glad you like. I’m in the middle of trying to figure out the parameters for the generator, so I could put together a couple of trees.

Here’s a more gnarly windblown cliff tree that can be downloaded here. It’s a little more complex and the trunk has an undulated bole. The below image took a little more than ten minutes to render. To speed up render times the subsurf could be toned down, or even turned off, for a distant view and the transparency and or the translucency could be turned off for the leaves. These trees aren’t great, I know, but they aren’t too bad. Maybe they’ll be useful.

Here’s a high-res version About 2 megs compressed zip. 3 million verts or so. With octree set to 512 system memory went to 800 megs. Time to render: 26:30. Nice tree.

Really great looking pics youve got there… AWESOME :o

So its a generator of some sort?

bravo, you can use Lsystem script!
now do some good texture for the trunk. Use displacement maping or bump at least.
The lighting is good though. keep this, it got a sunny feeling.
for the background, maybe we could see more clearly the cloud.

Ah. I found it. Looks like a cool thing. I downloaded it an tried to run it myself, but got errors, so I can’t generate trees just yet.

ok. a question. with millions of particles, and half an hour to render just the tree, (well part of it anyways) how are you going to use these anywhere?



JMS is the Blender guru. He has updated the original script you found (which is no longer runnable on a ‘modern’ Blender installation.)
You find a possible place to download the upgrade here (mind you, newer versions might exist. Just Google for them (JMS, LSystem, LSeed,…)

bigbad: glad you like. The trunk mesh is getting generated by an Lscript in Lightwave. But everything else, including leaves and final render, is all blender. I wanted to do everything in blender but there just aren’t the the tools yet. It would be possible to put together a Python script if someone who knew the language wanted to take the time. I certainly could not and I really didn’t want to do everything by hand. That’s why we have computers. :]

Gabio: Lights are one sun, one filler spot and AO. Feels like summer to me. Displacement map would mean even more mesh points of course, but maybe if just the lower main trunk were textured . . .?

PhiloVivero: Sorry if this was misleading, not my intension. The Lscript is a different program. I was using the lsystem python script but then noticed the seams at the base of each branch and had to start over. There was a discussion in Blender General about seamless construction. Do keep the script though, it makes excellent distant trees. Regarding the errors, what UglyMike said and try the Blender Python & Plugins forum on this board. They can help.

basse: fwiw, I guess I’d like to get an image into the site. Not a highly probable eventuality given the quality of renders they are looking for. These trees would be for close-up subjects. In the distance you’d want to use a lower resolution. On a side note: the new Athlons would have cut the render time in half. We all upgrade sooner or later, and Intel has some interesting hardware out there too. I think I read somewhere that some of the more intense scenes in Bugs were taking a full day just to render a single frame.

Again, sorry if I was a little obtuse about the script. Need to stop posting at 4am. On Sunday. Anyway, download a tree, have some fun.